Anti-Corruption Policy

Internal politics, interferences, self-serving motives are promptly discouraged. A healthy work environment with open house discussions are always encouraged at BainBridge. We are ruled by an anti-corruption policy that ensures our moves and operations are checked and adjusted to socially acceptable conduct. We strive to demonstrate a character that will evoke trust in our partners.

BainBridge Navigation has zero tolerance for bribery and malpractices. We always ensure to work within the frame work of the law. We likewise do not solicit or promise any undue benefits, nor do we receive any incentives as an exchange for ignoring irregularities or omissions. We trust in quality, arduous work, integrity, and transparency in our workplace. Corruption stands against all our beliefs. As a company, we have come to understand the adverse effects of corruption in the marketplace.


  • Increase effective cost of the business. People and companies carrying out legit operation may end up suffering due to it.
  • It encourages unfair competition. Primarily, corruptions involve purchasing ‘advantages’ where one should not rightfully receive any. This sets other legit businesses at an unfair competitive ground.
  • Bring bad name to the reputation and leaves a company without business. Once the fraudulent dealings come to fore, the company loses credibility in the market.


  • Report any incidence of corruption or any demand of bribery from the enterprise. This way, all those involved would be brought to justice and serve as an admonition to others.
  • Report any person that offers bribery to the principal position. We as a company stands firmly against corruption.
  • Encourage and support our staff to undergo relevant training in anti-corruption exercises and to deal it with various aspects of wrongful practices.
  • Effectively cooperate with other companies to keep malpractices at bay so that we can ensure corruption at the ports is dealt with.