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Spot Freight

Spot Freight services are for customers who wish to hedge their freight risks for a single shipment on certain dates.

There are a few factors that govern the spot rate, which mainly include the value of the ongoing Charter hire and also the price of the bunkers. Depending on the circumstances prevailing, this may be an advantageous scenario for traders when the bunkers and/or markets are below the benchmark levels.


This is for our customers who wish to hedge their freight risks on a long term basis, but with a stipulated time frame for multiple shipments which covers them from the volatility, the uncertainties of Market and Bunkers risks.

Our team of experts carefully work with our partners in Freight and Bunkers Derivatives to provide the most competitive, but risk-free solutions to our clients who wish to perform their shipments on COA terms.

Commercial Management

Apart from our own fleet of chartered vessels, we also manage third-party owner’s fleets and ensure that they get the very best of returns. Our worldwide market coverage together with the size of activities enables us to negotiate the best rates and enhance returns for the members.

Freight Consultancy

Coupled with offering Freight services on Spot and COA terms, we also provide the consultancy services to our member participants who call for guidance not only on the Freight rates but on worldwide transportation terms and practices. We also conduct regular shipping workshops and seminars at regular intervals to help our clients understand the shipping trade.


Upon specific requests from our customers, we provide tailor-made projects as per the business prerequisites. For example, when loading or unloading the cargo on CQD terms we preserve our guests from the demurrage exposure. We also collaborate with our stevedores’ partners and others to provide single-window complete trunk end-to-end solutions.

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