Cargoes We Carry

Alexis D. Denzol

Head Of Idea

An acute precision is taken into consideration including compliance to necessary laws to safeguard the interest of all parties concerned with the loading, discharging ops – infact the whole transportation process and voyage.

Alexis D. Denzol

Head Of Idea

Coal, Petcoke, Metcoke : Coal is the major cargo carried on our fleet vessels. We are primarily loading coal from Australia, Indonesia, USA, and East/South Africa for various Steel majors, traders etc. for destinations in India, China and others. We load petcoke from the USA, West Coast of India and Metcoke from China/Japan for our esteemed clients.

Iron Ore, Millscale : We are one of the major carriers of Iron Ore from India to China. Our partners included primeshippers/traders/end users based in India, UAE, Singapore and China.

Bauxite : Like Iron Ore, Bauxite is another ore cargo which we primarily carry from India to China.

Limestone, Dolomite : We are regular carriers of Limestone from PG and South East Asia to India.

Fertilizers : Fertilizers, which is one of the difficult cargo to operate, is our major strength and we are the largest carriers of Fertilizers into India.

Sugar : We carry Sugar on our fleet vessels from Brazil to various destinations in India and Bangladesh.

Salt : We have partnered with major Salt producers in India to ship their cargoes from India to China.

Steel, Scrap : We carry steel and scrap cargoes for various steel majors in India.

Rock Phosphate : We regularly carry Rock Phosphate from Red Sea to India.

Grains (Wheat, Canola, Lentis, Soybeans, Peas etc) : Grains is a niche trade and we pride ourselves to be one of the leading carriers of Grains into Asia from various destinations of Nopac, USG, South America and Australia.

Barytes : We occasionally carry bauxite on the backhaul route of India to USG.

Slag : We carry Slag from Japan to India/PG for various cement plants.

Aggregates, Cement clinker: We have partnered with some of the clinker users in Bangladesh to ship the cargo from Vietnam to Chittagong. Also, we are regularly moving Aggregates in the Middle East region.

Chemical Cargoes: Tanker desk of Bainbridge Navigation, operates Tankers fleet that can carry majority of IMO II/III type Speciality as well as easy liquid products in bulk ranging from Acids, Glycols, Aromatics, Hydrocarbons to Edible oils like Palms, Soybean oil & Sunflower Oil.

Vessels and We Operate

Alexis D. Denzol

Head Of Idea

BainBridge Navigation has an extensive array of fleet of modern Dry Bulk and Tanker carriers. The primary vessels, which we use include Handysize, Handymax, Supramax, Ultramax, Panamax, Post-Panamax, Baby Capes, Capes and Chemical Tankers.

In terms of gears, Handysize, Handymax, Supramax and Ultramax are usually geared with Cranes and Grabs while Panamax (with certain exceptions), Post-Panamax, Baby Capes, Capes and Chemical Tankers are always Gearless.

Our average Time Chartered fleet is less than 5 years old with almost negligible breakdown time.

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