Life at BainBridge


At Bainbridge Navigation, we completely understand and are fully committed to our social obligations. Self-centered approach with complete concentration on personal benefits would never go a long distance. To meet our social responsibility with all due attention, we have brought it upon ourselves to divide our CSR structure into four classes. These are:


It is significant for us to assure that our workplace is sufficiently secured for our staff. Whether we are at sea or on land, safety and security of staff personnel is of utmost importance as a company cannot exist without its people and no one would ever want to work in a place where life is at constant risk.


We have taken up measures to ascertain that all vessels that we employ are always fully compliant to existing rules and regulations dependable and in impeccable condition and duly maintained.


Human resource is our most vital organ. We ensure to offer due support in enhancing their skill set and knowledge of trade, provide ample opportunities to grow in and with the organization and duly invest in ensuring their satisfaction in professional as well as personal life. Their growth is our desire.


There are risks that shipping poses to the environment. These include emission of gases to the environment as well as spillage of petroleum products to the sea. Bainbridge functions to minimize pollution by using the latest technology as well as structural solutions. Fuel efficient modern and fully compliant vessels are always high on radar. At BainBridge, we aim to leave a better world than we found.

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