Amisha Tomar

Life at BainBridge

Amisha Tomar, Assistant Manager – Bunkers

Education: Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science & Engineering

Experience: 2.5 years

Hometown: Ghaziabad, India

What do you like most about your job?
The most interesting part about my work is my work itself. It is a blend of instincts, market knowledge, presence of mind and negotiation skills. The kind of presence of mind and awareness my job demands thrills me the most about my work. Teamwork is something that always attracts rather delivering in isolation.

What is the one core value which you share with BainBridge Navigation?
Compassion for others, autonomous culture and motivation are the values I share with BainBridge. I love the supporting environment we have together built here.

What is your role & responsibilities at BainBridge Navigation?
My whole sole responsibility is to cater bunker requirements for BainBridge. Bunker planning, market coverage, enquiries conversion, trading, hedging, claims, timely remittances, vendor relationship & management, market reading, post fixture support to ops team, indications to Chartering and record keeping are my major roles here.

What did you learn while working with BainBridge Navigation?
I learned a lot of technicalities related to shipping as I had started from scratch and all that I know today actually is BainBridge’s contribution to my skill set. I learned teamwork, negotiation skills, leadership and a lot more from my mentors here.

Share a fun and interesting story from work?
One day I was told that I am going to bunker department and I was reluctant not to because I was least confident about it and most interestingly, my mentor was the one whom I was most the scared of and eventually it turned out to be a great bond and he is being a supercool mentor. Now my area of expertise is Bunker, and my mentor is the most amazing person and I have learnt a lot.

How do you spend your weekends?
Sleeping, eating, roaming, and chilling around, watching movies too is something I like. I am mostly out on my weekends.

If you can watch one movie, this weekend, what will it be?
Coolie No. 1 because I am a hardcore Bollywood fan.

Give one word to describe the work culture at BainBridge Navigation?
Collaborative and supercool are the keywords that tops my mind when I think if the work culture here.

What mantra will you give to a newcomer at BainBridge Navigation?
Put your shoes on and get ready to work hard, you have a long way to go and enjoy this roller coaster with BainBridge.

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