Anshul Agarwal

Life at BainBridge

Anshul Agarwal

Education: B.Tech, C.S

Experience: 7+

Position: Assistant General Manager – Chartering

Hometown: Bareilly, U.P

What do you like most about your job?
I like this job as every day is new learning day and problems are beyond your imagination, we have to find the solution, which gives me enthusiasm.

What is the one core value which you share with BainBridge Navigation?
Trust and Bond between employee and employer is the value I share with BainBridge.

What is your role & responsibilities at BainBridge Navigation?

  • Book the cargo on high FRT and get the cheapest ship on TC from the mkt in order to maximize the profit.
  • Negotiate with counterpart i.e charterers/operators/brokers for smooth execution.
  • Guide the operation and post fixture persons.
  • Make complete voyage plan and estimates.

What did you learn while working with BainBridge Navigation?
By working with Bainbridge Navigation, I have learned the meaning of teamwork.

How do you spend your weekends?
For weekends I like Spending time with family and friends.

If you can watch one movie, this weekend, what will it be?
I would like to watch Chhichhore

Give one word to describe the work culture at BainBridge Navigation?

What mantra will you give to a newcomer at BainBridge Navigation?
For anybody Joining BainBridge I would like to suggest that hard work is very important. And being proactive, listening to what senior says and always keep learning.

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