Capt. Aviral Srivastava

Capt. Aviral Srivastava

Education: Master Mariner and PGDM (Shipping Management and Logistics)

Experience: Approx 12+ years of sea experience.

Hometown: Lucknow, India

What do you like most about your job?
There is same flavour of excitement each day as was there at sea. Getting more insights on the industry.

What is the one core value which you share with BainBridge Navigation?
Working in a team with a common goal.

What is your role & responsibilities at BainBridge Navigation?
I am responsible for covering cargoes and vessels opening from East cost of India.

What did you learn while working with BainBridge Navigation?
Came across another side of dry shipping industry. Fixing in a very competitive market and interacting with different people as per the need of the hour. Also, learning to gauge the market by evaluating previously fixed vessels with the cargo which is covered.

Share a fun and interesting story from work?
It were days when I was unable to crack the first fixture. After chasing Pmax vessels for long, where demurrage couldn’t be covered by what charterer offered, I was jolted each time a fixture happened, and I couldn’t crack it. Tried day and night rating the vessels and then realized that an Umax can also cover the requirement of the Charterers. And the next day was my first fixture. This explained me the common say in chartering “First fixture is always special”. 😊

How do you spend your weekends?
Weekend goes running here and there. Spare time is utilized in playing Table tennis and watching movies.

If you can watch one movie, this weekend, what will it be?
Blackhat – however one movie wouldn’t suffice…😊

Give one word to describe the work culture at BainBridge Navigation?

What mantra will you give to a newcomer at BainBridge Navigation?
Always stay open to learn, accept challenges and keep jovial atmosphere around. Try and bring new ideas to the table and learn from experience available within the team.

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