Vansh Adlakha

Life at BainBridge

Vansh Adlakha

Education: PG (M. Com), MBA (Pursuing)

Experience: Total Work Ex – 6 Years, BBNAV (1 Year 2 Months)

Post: Executive – Accounts

Hometown: Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

What do you like most about your job?
Few things that I like the most about my job are Positive & Friendly work-environment & the work-culture that I became a part of.

What is the one core value which you share with BainBridge Navigation?
Working honestly and responsibly is one of the major values which share with BainBridge Navigation

What is your role & responsibilities at BainBridge Navigation?
As an Accounts Executive my major responsibilities are Book-Keeping, Accounting, Documentation, return filings and all other tasks that are assigned to me related to Accounts.

What did you learn while working with BainBridge Navigation?
Being a commerce student, having work-experience in Accounts in Healthcare & Finance industry I never really had any idea that how big Shipping Industry really is and since I got an opportunity to be a part of BainBridge, it has been really exciting to learn new things since day one.

Share a fun and interesting story from work?
It was the last working day before Holi & our directors ordered some Sweets (Gujia-Holi Special) for us as gifts & we all were called in the conference room where Deepak sir had a small but positive speech and then he said that we have brought you 2 types of Gujias, the 1 st ones are Low Calorie/Sugar-free & the 2 nd ones are the OG Gujias, Un-Healthy (Means Oily) so you can take anyone. & Surprisingly all of the employees went for the Oily ones. There was laughter all around the conference room after seeing that no one went for the Sugar Free Gujias. Lol

How do you spend your weekends?
Before Covid I used to go out with my friends Chilling, Eating Junk food & Watching Movies/Web-series but last year since covid arrived I have changed my free time priority to Online Multi-Player Gaming.

If you can watch one movie, this weekend, what will it be?
As now new movies have released in recent times due to pandemic, I would go for a web series instead & there are 2 that have been on my watch list since long – Vikings & Peaky Blinders.

Give one word to describe the work culture at BainBridge Navigation?
Engaging Organization, Respectful workplace and motivating environment are few best qualities to describe Bainbridge Navigation

What mantra will you give to a newcomer at BainBridge Navigation?
If you want to achieve something, then you should be always be honest towards your work and should have willingness to learn.

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